... when it finishes and at what price, well?!@#?

Here’s a guide to planning your next renovation.

You’ve decided to renovate your home. Before you start knocking down walls, make sure you talk to the experts and do some careful planning. It will certainly get the most from your home renovation dollars. You know when a renovation starts, when it finishes and at what price, is another question, take time to plan, it will save headaches.

The first step is to set renovation goals that reflect your lifestyle and priorities. By defining what you want to achieve, the contractors and trades people you hire will be better able to deliver great results.  And remember, the more experts you speak to before you start, the best chance you’ll have of completing your renovation on time and on budget.

There are a number of steps you should take to begin the planning process.

  1. Make a list of what you want to change. Look at websites and magazines to get inspiration for the redesign. Write down what you like and why you like it, and budget an estimate cost.  Once you know what you want to change, prioritize your list by ranking of importance.
  2. Consider your resources: Time, budget and energy needed are to be smartly calculated as you will have to dedicate them to the project.
  3. Set a Budget: Once you figure how much you can spend, subtract 20% to 30% from your total and set it aside for contingencies. Ei: To make easy numbers to understand, if you had a budget 1000.00$ – 20% = your renovating budget is 800.00$ and you have a cushion of 200.00$ for “contingencies” cases.Roadmap renovation planning
  4. Sketch it out: A rough sketch of the layout of the space will help you define a clear picture of what you can and cannot incorporate in your space, and it will certainly avoid misunderstandings.
  5. Measure everything more than once: It may sound like a lot of work, but measuring twice will help you to ensure that you don’t need to make costly returns or corrections.
  6. The real Design process: Many people have great ideas of what they want. They tend to forget, a successful home renovation begins with a good design. That you be making an extension to the house, remodelling the kitchen or washroom or turning the basement in more functional way.
  7. Replace the underlayment: If you are ripping up flooring and fixtures, consider replacing the underlayment. Not only it allows you to start fresh, it also gets rid of any water or humidity damage which commonly occurs in bathrooms.Underlayment during renovatio The Money-pit
  8. Reduce the impact of the renovation: In the case of bathroom renovation, move your stuff over to the bathroom that is not being remodeled. That way you won’t have to hunt for your favorite shampoo, razors or body wash.
  9. Important get advised of skill tradesman: Before, starting any major work yourself such as demolition, spend a few dollars to get the opinion and advice of a skilled tradesman. Too many people started renovations armed with will power and without any prior knowledge and had disastrous results.
  10. Game time: The above homework was the basis of making and knowing where to go with your renovation. Now, you have all the elements in your hands, if you have done your homework properly. Remember and take it from someone who’s been there. If your thinking you will save by doing it yourself, you could be surprised. Sometimes it is the case, but more often than not it is really not. TIME IS MONEY!Home renovation are you ready?

“Most renovation budget overruns are the result of poor planning – changing the design half way through, trying to fix up problems you didn’t see coming or simply failing to make the most of the opportunities presented” See money sense article 2013 by Sarah Efron to make the reality check.

Want to do more research?

IMPORTANT NOTICE; Go to the City of Montreal’s website, about renovation that can be done with or without a permit or call 311 and outside Montreal (514) 872-0311. All municipalities have their own information and rulings for home renovations.


Should you need trustworthy renovation appraisers, contractors, trades people and/or help finding inspiration for your renovation, or home designers/re-modellers? Send me a comment and it will be a pleasure to supply you with contacts.

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