Condo Montreal Blog, Now Launched!

Bonjour à tous/Hello all

We opted for this picture to welcome you to the new Condo Montreal Blog site. Who does not know these landmarks that are the Molson brewery and the Jacques Cartier Bridge doing the junction between Montreal and South shore.

Condo Montreal Blog was created to be a blog and an exchange environment, on Real Estate in general, projects, laws, rules and regulation. What is going on in Montreal with all these projects? Are the infrastructures able to handle all these projects in certain given areas? What is the city doing with all this new income? Why are they still increasing our residential taxes? Is the city doing what the rest of the population is doing by tightening their budgets or are they believing it will leverage out with more projects?

All subjects, we will be blogging about with you. We invite you to join the discussions, enjoy the exchanges and sparks can be flying, PLEASE, do remain between yourselves, respectful and polite.

Touching only real estate can become boring and well not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why we decided to speak also of what animates this beautiful city that is Montreal. So, we will touch subjects such as Montreal life and things to do in and around the city. The business trends new emerging technology, companies and the people behind them. The section I do like and where I will comment on from time to time is the “Now and Then”, which will be aimed towards History, who and what made Montreal become Montreal. The things that were, restaurants that came and gone, papa/mama shops down the street with our childhood memories an old building they are transforming or unfortunately putting down. Basically speak of our heritage that is not very old but still ours to keep and share.

We hope you will enjoy Condo Montreal Blog and what the blog can give back to you. Let’s all be proud once again of what is Montreal and let’s show we are no better or worst then others. Nobody is perfect, but we have the right and the obligation to try to become better. it is to be noted the site is still ongoing tests and certain features may not work properly. We had to launch or else we would still be on the launching pad in a year from now!!!

If you see certain elements that could be bettered let us know. Should you wish to discuss or for us to create a topic not covered on the blog feel free to jot us a request. We will look at it for sure and get back to you. If you are or wish to become a blogger on a topic or topics, again do not by shy in sending a request and credentials. We will look at it for sure and further discuss the possibilities.

D.C. Eanraig