Required garbage participation is needed rapidly

We can be critical of papers flying all over the place or, the person throwing a cigarette butt to the ground and the lack of respect to one’s property with building tagging (the infamous graffiti’s that mean nothing, giving us a neglected and rundown city look).
And, what about the criticisms towards our garbage collector, while running to collect our disposals drop debris in the street?

A couple of questions come to mind; do we give them (garbage collectors) the respect they are entitled to have? Or do we take the services they render to the Montreal community for granted?

With the featured picture and looking at the garbage disposal, we have to believe the maintenance person has no respect for the garbage collectors, the residents of the building, the neighborhood and finally no respect for himself. Confronted with such a situation, whoever the garbage collector is, he must be fuming to see this type of garbage disarray he will have to pick up.

Awareness as to be done with delinquents such as on this featured photo. Awareness thereafter is also to be done with the residents of such buildings. What kind of image a site like this, projects, being adjacent a park, elementary school, a swimming pool, and businesses that work hard to promote a brand name and getting their month to meet?

Eureka! I finally understood the person in charge of the building. This person wants to make completion to the neighborhood restaurants by opening a rodent and vermin “snack bar”. Unfortunately the picture does not show it, but, the new trend “snack bar” had at least three to four clients (squirrels).

I have no shame in saying this picture was taken on the morning of October 23rd 2014 in the South-west. We have to be cautious and it would be greatly appreciated if the public realised and was conscientious, we want to have a beautiful city, NO?They say help yourself and heavens will help you, we cannot always push things in someone else’s or city’s court and in asking them to pick this up and by the same token keep my city beautiful and clean. I am asking the city, to reinforce a firmer and even more direct communication in such evident cases where, everything overflows with neglect and an obvious “I don’t give a rat’s ass”.

This week the maintenance person of this building is awarded the medal of the “No Pride Mediocre”, congratulation.

I have suggestions; let’s help the garbage collectors, in placing our rubbish in a more adequate fashion in facilitating the collection of our detritus. From time to time, thank them for their work, without them we would be buried under our everyday wastes and the city would have an odor… A thank you, goes a long way. We have to remember, there are no underdog types of work and they are also human and picking-up a gutted bag is not pleasant for anyone.

All together let’s keep the city of Montreal, beautiful and clean.