Montreal is a very active academic, business, innovation and cultural city. The people are open to and welcome new genres. This is what makes Montreal different from many other cities. This open mindedness brings a joyful diversification and a cosmopolitan mixture in what comes and filters in the city. This openness creates an incubator for people to create, dream, have fun and prosper in a city where it feels good to live.

That you be a tourist, a newcomer or live here already and feel alone in Montreal, rest assured you are not. The city is always on the move and something happening around the corner. People are friendly, passionate and prideful in Montreal, you may have to break the ice, and after this you will discover realms of new possibilities.
This is true for all types of cultural, business and world conference events happening or the Meetup group getting together around a coffee to discuss their new find. These events happen on a daily basis around the city of Montreal.

We are giving you a few links to venues and permanent events around the city. The list of venues and events is too long for us to catalog them all here. We will, on a weekly basis try to give the high lights of event by types happening in the upcoming weeks in Montreal.
Enjoy Montreal and what we have to offer

** We are presently working on bringing you the most recognized and official sites of things to do around Montreal **