The moving of the Royal Vic. to its new facilities, started April 8th and will end with the move of some 250 patients on April 26th 2015.

The new McGill University Health Center the mega hospital is not the only one that is mega. The moving of the Royal Victoria hospital to the MUHC’s is also a super undertaking. The moving process started on April 8th and will go on until April 26th 2015.

People may have seen the daily 100 or so trucks coming and going from both hospitals. This is the amount of 26 footer (7meters) trucks it will take to move all the equipment, files and other items. Police are even of the efforts to secure a pathway for the truck to not create friction with motorist or as little as possible.

The trucks route has been defined and will be using; des Pins Avenue, Atwater, St-Antoine, St-Jacques and Dr. Penfield. All residents on this route and in the neighborhood have been informed of the added traffic flow.

We all thought building the McGill University Health Center had been a major logistical nightmare. Well, the move of the Royal Victoria hospital is actually a daymare if I can use this analogy? It seems the move as been well thought out, we know certain situation may arise, but this writer thinks things are working well. Mind you, people at both ends of the line are most probably scrambling like there is no tomorrow with the deadline fast approaching! We have to know the move had already started prior to this date by getting rid of out of date equipment, furniture and employees were asked to destroy unneeded documents, since the new Glen facility has less storage space than its predecessor.

Here is a rough break down of this impressive move;

-          6000 Medical pieces of equipment.

-          All patient files.

-          Office material, equipment and furniture.

-          250 patients of the 350 patients presently at the Royal Vic’s facility. The number of surgeries is gradually diminishing as we speak to help with the move in the most efficient way. Other partner hospitals are taking charge of the overflow to secure services to patients.

-          On the 26th of April, all of the 250 patients will be moved in an 8 hour time frame.

-          To achieve the move of these patients. 600 people, partitioned in 19 teams will take part of the transfer process.

-          Added to the 19 teams of 600 people for the transfer are 2500 healthcare people at both Hospitals and 19 “Urgence santé” ambulances and 6 Medicar vehicles will also take part of this caravan almost circus. The families of patients will not be permitted to be present during the transfer, very understandable. Certain exceptions will be granted to families of palliative care patients.

-          ** Note the emergency of the Royal Vic. will be closed on this day of the 26th of April. The Glen facility emergency will be opened to take over from this day forward. **

What a logistical undertaking, for only the moving and transfers with a mass of people running around. The new Glen facility is comprised of 12 000 rooms, offices and other. They are presently at resolving some 3000 or so issues with the electrical, fixtures and furniture issues before handing the keys back to the Administrative management teams and high direction. This was actually not surprising with the gargantuan facility and the real call to action now underway of the Glen site.

We wanted a super hospital, we have it. We also have all the super administrative issues to deal with at super cost. Everything will be super when the going gets going. Let us also be the super researchers and finders of cures for all the ailments this society of ours have.

To finish I would like to say and I believe the thought is shared with many. We are proud of this accomplishment even with all the negative downfalls that came to light.

If people want to add to this post with up front experience with the move or any other activity with the construction of the MUHC’s or with patients, doctors/nurses or administrative staff, do not hesitate to share with us. I am certain many great feats have gone unnoticed and should be told to the all.

To the new McGill University Health Center (MUHC), let us hope many breakthroughs in research will be accomplished.