What do these three names have in common?

A privileged I had, to be among a crowd of a selected few, this past Saturday night, to attend at Nomad’s home a great evening of music. Yes, there were lost soul’s during the evening. Soul’s that were lost during the evening were, lost to the rhythm of music, dancing and live video projection the way only, Nomad knows, how to do!

Montreal’s Tapsoul, were first to heat us up; they put on a hell of a good show for us. Musician were tight and vocals sounded, well let’s say they tapped in our soul’s in a very good manner. The six band members have a good vibe on stage and it shows, it is actually contagious and another good reason to call the band TAPSOUL. Tony and the band gave us a little breather between their performance and the next trio that was to take stage.

Tapsoul at Nomad  Tapsoul

This international renowned trio needs no introduction or very little. They were Tortured Soul from New York City, Brooklyn based. The first few notes of bassist Jordan Scannella, and came in the keyboards, which, told us we’d be in for a ride of a performance. A ride we had when drummer/singer John-Christian Urich, placed a few beats of drumming and is vocal cords came in play, giving soul music its best.

The trio played for the better part of an hour and a half none stop. They were also joined on stage by Tony singer of Tapsoul for a few songs. Not for singing, rather for Tam Tam playing, showing Tony’s other musical gifts. The trio are veterans of the stage and bring in the crowd with them in their tuneful journey. They did not torture too many people to the rhythm of their music. The only torture we all had, was the end of their set, realizing it was over!

The proximity to the bands this venue had, made the evening better and a memorable one!

Tortured soul show@ Nomad

Many people and sponsors were involved in making that evening a success of sweating fun!!! First, on the list will be Tony and Audrey for instigating the idea of creating this event. A very big thank you goes without say, to Jason Rody of Nomad for opening to doors of his home to showcase these two great bands, Dj’s, artist and giving us a visual experience the Nomad  way. All the other people involved, which I met or did not meet, you know who you are, thank you.

Follow these guy’s, they are seriously worth it. I would recommend getting familiar with the bands if you are not and go and see them play. Also, GO, and discover Nomad, a corner stone of innovation in video content in Montreal.

        TAPSOUL                              TORTURED SOUL                                NOMAD