Lest us remember... "In Flanders fields of Poppies blow between the crosses row on row"

Too many people gave their lives for peace, country and to push evil back. Young men and women died for these beliefs and to bring a better future for others. Have they succeeded in bringing us this peace they fought so hard to achieve?

I was listening to the “CHOM FM” morning show. They had a short clip played by Brian Williams of NBC news and the ceramic Poppy placed at the tower of London for Armistice day, Remembrance day and/or veterans day. I was baffled, actually, dumb struck to be reminded of the number of young English soldiers (man/woman) that had fallen with their believes of peace. The number was 888 246 souls that died in World war 1.
I did a fast search and was even more dumb mouthed by the numbers I found. Specially, living in a time of peace and in the comfort of my home, even with these so called terrorist attacks. The numbers I found and was reminded of, are, scary to think of.

Here is a summary of these numbers, pulled from the U.K. archives.
Casualties of World War 1; 37 million casualties both military and civilian. From this, 16 million deaths and 21 million wounded. From this, 9.7 million military personnel and about 6.8 million civilians. We say about, because the numbers could be higher due to the missing in action both civilian and military. When you do the numbers this gives us 10 959 loses per day. We also have to remember this war started 100 years ago and ended 96 years ago. The size of Montreal even if a city (Big town/village) at that time was small and the now Burroughs, were independent villages. Canada’s estimated population in 1914, was 7 890 000 and a population of 468 000 in the greater Montreal region according to Statcan.

The phrase that captured me from this clip on “CHOM FM’s” morning show was the following; “They were all young men once lined up at the tower of London ready to go to fight for country, kingdom and what was right… and before we look away, lest us remember the lives they would have led”.

Nothing is resolved in conflicts we all loose. Nothing, cannot be resolved in trying to understand the other, discussions, and communications, the only thing we have to do is make sure what is clear in our mind and saying, is also understood and clear with the person with whom we are talking to.
Terry DiMonte of CHOM, as I was finishing writing this blog was placing this picture on his blog. Knowing Mr. DiMonte, (not personally) he will not mind if I post this picture, I am sure he would want this to be seen by all on this day. He was right in saying it is a very powerful picture of the trenches where men died to give peace to the world above (future).

Lest us remember, there are no winners, even if we think not in a conflicts/wars.
Lest us remember, to have peace and stop these useless and no gain conflicts.
Lest us remember, the sun will rise again and set tomorrow.