Montreal Jazz fest or stay home on a beautiful Saturday night?

Saturday evening in Montreal, weather is nice what better time to stay home and do nothing!?

Well, not exactly, not when you can walk to the Jazz Festival of Montreal from your home.

Last night the crowds at the various stages of Place des spectacles were full. This plus the strolling or relaxing crowds at the various halts made for a festive atmosphere. The artists to perform were of various genres, styles and categories. On the TD stage we had Adam Cohen who entertained twice during the evening to very large crowds, and to their great honor spoke French (perfect French to say). On the Sony stage we were in a spirit of the South with The reverend Peyton’s big damn band, southern blues roots.

My enjoyment and discovery of the Jazz fest of Montreal was made last night. Not that some other bands or ensembles did not move me. This band had exactly, what I needed to get these feet and body moving!!! It was the band’s first shows and first time across the Atlantic Ocean. To be honest, I believe, it will not remain this way and we will see them again soon in Montreal. The band put on two great shows on the Bell stage and got the crowd to have as much fun as they did on stage. The band is called Jungle by Night. The Montreal jazz fest is also a great launching pad for the release of their latest album “El Miraglo”Jungle by Night's EL-MIRAGLO album.

The young men band is from Amsterdam. We can call their music jazzy – funk, personal description. They say their genre is more an “afrobeat – funk – Ethiopiques” styles. The 9 musicians’ performers are energetic and a finely tuned band that blend well together. They blend together so well and their interaction with the crowd makes the crowd becomes the 10th member of the band. We can definitely say the sounds are more then rhythmic and you cannot stay put. The person that stays put to the sounds of Jungle by Night, is well another planet.


You do not know them; you did not have a chance to see them. My suggestions, get to know and discover them. You see they will give a show near you and you can attend, GO! (don’t dress to warmly because you will be moving). They do have a very full schedule for a first trip abroad; here is Jungle by Night show dates on their North American tour.

Jungle by NightYou can follow the band on FACEBOOK and exchange with them.

Jungle by Night was my discovery of the 2015 Montreal Jazz fest. Thank you for a great discovery, may you have a continuous success on your tour and see you back in Montreal soon!


** Note: The video at beginning of post was taken on YouTube and is not from the Montreal shows. The video is to show you the type of energy these guy’s have on stage and they do it in both English and French when here.