History, our culture, our heritage and the memories we will pass on to our future generations. We do not have story tellers anymore or so little of them, they do not have time to go around and tell us what, was what, of the old days. We should have pride of living in Montreal, but we have to know or remember the great things and not so great things and people that have built Montreal. We also have to be aware of the things happening in the present – now times. Knowledge of where we live and what Montreal was, is and will be, should bring pride to all of us. Montreal is not only concrete, and pot holes. Montreal is so much more, music, circus, social awareness, business, philanthropy and the diversity of people living here.

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Each borough has its color and flavor. Let’s see what makes your borough vibrate. Talk of the people, cultural events, the coffee shop, restaurant, the corner “depanneur”, the postman. Let’s hear what is going on in each borough of the great city that is Montreal. Each borough and it’s people have a great impact on the great scheme of things and the decisions when making the decision of living there, going out there or opening a business there. Who better to promote their borough than someone that lives there?

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There is not much to do in Montreal, especially during summer!!! Montreal, city of festivals from January to December. Montreal has what we call “La Joie de Vivre”. Take a walk at the beginning of spring and see the people lining up for the terraces and the smiles on people faces.

Montreal is renowned for it’s events, exhibits, multi-cultural flavors, languages and should you go to the restaurant every day and twice a day you would not be able to try them all and discover the fine restaurants that our housed here.

We will try to give you as many links as possible on things going on in and around and things of interest to see of Montreal. To not be shy in letting us know of smaller venues we have missed, great things come in small sizes!!!

Enjoy Montreal and Montreal enjoy the people.

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