The Q & A’s between Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Mayor Denis Coderre from the video interview of the Show “Deux hommes en or” dated February 27th 2015

(Free transcription and translation by yours truly and it’s not perfect, I know! Soon we will have a proof reader!!! :)

VIDEO INTERVIEW of Jean-Philippe Wauthier and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderres (French)

-          J-P W. Qu; After a little more than a year in office. Do you still like the job?

o   D. C. Answer; I adore it, and increasingly so!

-          J-P W. Qu; Now in the core of the Montreal subject. Is it normal that the snow this year has taken so much emphasis in the lives of Montrealer’s? We have discussed snow, is this normal?

o   D.C. Answer; It’s normal… well we have to assume our Northern Identity. The problem we have is that we have 19 politics on snow removal. When we had this snow fall beginning January, we had something that had not happen since 2008, and I am not looking excuses. Temperatures went from zero to -17 Celsius, things melted and froze over creating all kinds of problems. On top of this, we have 19 different politics on snow removal in certain areas people were happy, while in others, such as the Plateau people were not happy. We are working to give ourselves a politic…

-          J-P W. Qu; I was reading and your white collars, would have said, the city was and we were taken by surprise by the weather… even Maisonneuve 375 years ago had written to his majesty letting him know of the hard winter of Ville-Marie … surprised, maybe…!?

o   D.C. Answer; Surprised…, there is no reason for surprises. It is in this optic that we will give ourselves a unique politic.

-          J-P. W. Qu; We have said it, we know it is winter and it is not the first winter in Montreal. So, next year this unique snow removal politic will be in place and enforced. Concretely for Montrealer’s what does it mean?

o   Concretely, it will mean, we will not 19 ways of how to put salt. Because, I have told them and this is very scientific, when it is slippery we fall… laughter of the crowd. We will stop doing life experiences of beets juices with whatever. We will give ourselves a politic. We will assure we are working in prevention and when we will have snow removal and in certain areas with greater need of assistance. We will stop living in a funnel hierarchy, I have already approached the executive committee’s president Mr. Michel Parent and blue collars president of the blue collars. We have taken the situation in hand and said, it is not normal we cannot have mobility in certain boroughs and it’s always the same…  this is the same city after all, bloody hell… That’s why we have to be practical and it’s a question of big logic. So, we will give ourselves the tools together, we will redo this consultation. Already there are changes, we can feel them, it’s been a year and a half and changes are happening… Do not be surprise people there is a winter in Montreal…

-          J-P. W. Qu; Another big file in Montreal. The weight of the mayor of Montreal, but the weight of the mayor at the international level? You have done a big tour; You met with the French president François Hollande, you went to pay your respect on the Charlie Hebdo massacre site, you went to say a little hello to the Pope. Isn’t this the job of the prime minister to this?

o   D. C. Answer; It is also the job of the prime minister.  Start getting use to it, we do not define the world in terms of countries or continents. It is defined by the cities, we have a role to play. In the next 20 years, 75% of the population will find itself in cities. So, if you want to have politics of sustained development, politics of economic and social development that can work. We are speaking more and more of the intelligent city and with the technologies we can all work together, It is normal. We are a metropolis, the second biggest city in Canada. We are the entry way, we are Europe in America. I can give you all the arguments, so it is important to not only show we are there. We are also there for the locals, if we want to create development, we have to position ourselves and take our place, like Mr. Drapeau did and other mayors have done, I think it works very well, thank you.

-          J-P. W. Qu; We know the mayor of Montreal is very present on “Twitter”. I know, as soon as we send complaints, the mayor answers, which is very rare. I have collected in my entourage questions of the people that are dear to you, questions and questions that are very simple. These are “Twitter” questions; Montreal is a gigantic garbage dump, it’s not clean. We live in Montreal, often we see garbage that have not been picked-up, theirs a garbage can that opens and the collectors are not there to clean it. There is a lack of cleanliness in Montreal, How do we solve this problem?

o   D.C. Answer; Where is the camera? Look at me, the camera is there? The cleanliness is the affair of all. We have to do the collection of garbage, we work in order to do properly. But, we have to have the mind set and the understanding that cleanliness and garbage collection is the affair of all. That means if there is a paper next to you on the ground, don’t expect the city will come to pick it up! Bend over, picked it up and dispose of it in a bin.

-          J-P. W. Qu; Can the city do something to convince Montrealers to do something and it worth it?

o   D.C. Answer; Well, it’s by talking of it and coming on shows like yours with such great listening ratings… laughters… Look … at one point, it’s important we have to stop saying it’s the other one’s fault. And what we are telling to ourselves, we are in the process of giving ourselves a city, the administrative changes, the fact we have funnels, call them Backhouse (toilet) managers, mini kingships, we are at changing this and working in collaboration and we are stating we hate confrontation, we can have diverging ideas but we work together. This is every one’s city and we are all responsible of our pride. In Boston when there is a snow storm, people are responsible to remove the snow in front of their home’s. I am not saying we are going there, we have tried it and it stopped in 1940. Without any doubt, we have to be conscious that if you want also this city to belong to you and we will take the blame when blame is due, but we all have a role in this!

-          J-P. W. Qu.; Another question! What is it with the quality of our asphalt? Sometimes, I believe and wonder if you are not going to get it in China. It seems since and during all this time, we should have a solution. Even with the freezing and thawing, it seems there must be a solution?

o   D. C. Answer; You have three (3) problems. Firstly, when, and these are numbers. If we are to get all our infrastructures back to standards would cost 2.1 billion dollars per year. We are putting are putting 1.3 billion dollars. There has to be a problem somewhere? Secondly, it is similar to patching an old pair of jeans. At one point your better to go off and buy a new pair! We are working for the pot holes. We have added 2.7 million to the amounts and we are giving ourselves an infrastructure strategy. Instead of investing every three (3) years, we will for the next 10 years invest 18 billion dollars. Final issue; has there been anyone who approached or has spoken to the universities, we have polytechnic’s and all this in finding products? Well, we are doing just that, it is being done right now, we have done it!

-          J-P. W. Qu.; Question, Will you ever be able to get along with Luc Ferrandez? Because, we feel like a child in a shared custody situation and we are caught in a couple’s feud.

o   D.C. Answer; I am not in a feud with Luc. He will have to get used to it. Look, all the others work with us and I have no problem with this. We have to understand, Montrealer’s want to know, where is going the money we are spending. Secondly, a borough is not another city. I believe in this metropolis, I believe the beauty of this metropolis are it’s neighborhoods and the complementarity of all these neighborhoods together. But, we will stop living in closed mindedness, as if this was their own and only little affair. Mr. Ferrandez is man that is very bright. He is a guy that is very excessive in his comments and even seems opinionated (dogmatic). But he is someone that can contribute to the growth of Montreal and I do not have a problem with this. You had a Richard Bergeron the official opposition leader. And now, a member of the executive committee and is at defining the Strategies for Downtown Montreal. We also had a while back a great Montrealer Marcel Coté, who has unfortunately passed away since. As you know, he had become my advisor; we have deputies that are joining us. We have no more time for feuds, and not even in the shared custody debate (feud). I only want to make sure things are working properly, we will give ourselves a city with pride, look around you, smiles are back in people’s faces and people are happy, it’s working!

-          J-P. W. Qu.; Mr. Mayor! … (Firm hand shake)

o   D. C. Answer; THANK You!

As said previously and my mind has not changed. I believe we have found in Mr. Coderre the man that can bring back Montreal on track and bring back our pride in living here. I believe also that Mr. Coderre has found its public vocation in being Mayor of Montreal.

Mr. Mayor Coderre, I will have a few suggestions regarding this interview to make to the city. My suggestion will be posted shortly on Condo Montreal Blog as a 3rd part of give Caesar Coderre what is owed to him.

I am certain people have good ideas and will join me in making other suggestions of their own. I do encourage all readers (Montrealers), to voice their opinion and to bring suggestions in making Montreal better. We live here and should all take charge of making the city better.

p.s. I do pick up papers when I see them floating around Mr Coderre. I give a challenge to all to do the same in picking up papers or other when walking on the street especially on recycling days and disposing of them properly. Just this little touch will help to make the city cleaner and more inviting.