Let's give Mr. Coderre a little space in order to rally Montreal.

On Monday mornings, I enjoy listening to Chom Fm and Mitsumi Takahashi. Ms. Takahashi made a comment of meeting Mr. Chrétien recently. She spoke of the space this man took and his straight forwardness on approaching questions and answering them. She then went on about the similarity with Mr. Coderre and his approach. I was forgetting to write this post and got me thinking, I had to write this post and show that Ms. Takahashi and Mr. Dimonte’s opinions of Mr. Coderre were shared by many.

It made me think also of a conversation I had with friends during the “Nuit Blanche”. I am going to go off track, but need to do this. A small note for the organisers of “Montréal en Lumière” and “Nuit Blanche” you guys have done again a superb job of getting us out of our winter blues. The ambiance on Place des Festivals was again vibrant and electric. Keep up the beautiful work and thank you.

As I was saying, out at “Nuit Blanche” with some friends. During the evening we started chatting of this and talking of that. I told them how impressed I had been of a French show called “Deux Hommes en Or” translated meaning 2 Golden guy’s on TéléQuébec. Yes, I do watch French Television and very proud of it!!!

The show of February 27th 2015, regrouped guess of high caliber and the interviews were well targeted and done, very impressed. All this to say, all the guess were public figures I knew well or moderately. One interview really caught my attention the interview was with our mayor of Montreal, Mr. Coderre. I had missed the beginning of the interview, but still!

The interview is in French, but for the people who can understand even a little it is worth watching. Show link: DEUX HOMMES EN OR Interviewing the Mayor of Montreal Mr Coderre

Well, the man keeps on impressing me, I am certain he impressed many others. I love his ease and the familiarity of approach he has with the public, media’s and even “Twitter” followers.

Mr. Coderre able to get people together even at -30 Celsius, even if it was for a sad and special moment.

I believe we have found or better said we have elected someone to give back to Montreal people pride and a love of living in this city. As said previously Mr. Coderre is not afraid of saying what he thinks and putting people back at their place in a very proper manner, we could even say he is a little cocky, personally, I like that. Mr. Coderre is not a person we can use as target practice and just sweep everything back his way, he is not like his predecessors in making us believe that “Tout va bien” all is well when they are not. Another feature, I appreciate being told what is going on and what is done to rectify the situations. The mayor of Montreal said it again, we live in a big metropolitan area and it is a community effort if we want to get back Montreal to its rightful place.

One of my friends said during our exchange on Montreal and its politics. You know I believe Mr. Coderre has finally found his true vocation in life. I looked at him and said, I believe you are absolutely right; he has the arrogance (in a good manner) and the balls to get this city to change direction and keep head to the trouble makers that have closed visions. Another friend, was saying, you are right, Mr. Coderre had an excellent teacher for not getting stepped on, in the teachings of Mr. Chrétien. On and on we went, and looking also back and thinking Mr. Coderre was also the Lieutenant of Mr. Ignatief during the race of the Liberal party. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Coderre on a few occasions. Another position that forms character, knowledge of the internal political games/intricacies and now the man we have at the helm of Montreal.

Montreal was such in shambles, still is, mind you! But, I don’t know if you are like me? Do you feel the small changes that are creating ripples and are slowly creating waves of changes for the better? We have someone that is listening to his public, of course he cannot do all that is being asked and cannot please all. The fact that he acknowledges your comment is already such a big step forward for Montreal and all of us. He is in my book working for the city of Montreal as a whole. We have in Mr Coderre, a person that is rallying people, now we have to do our part in order to give this man a hand and stop bitching or being critical of everything we see. Yes, I know the world (Montreal) is not perfect and to your liking, only remember you are not perfect either. I know, I will do other posts and not be happy with Mr. Coderre’s or his administration decisions and/or doings. This does not stop me from giving Mr. Coderre TWO THUMBS UP at this moment and to let him know, I am with him on this.

I will make a second part to this post. I have a few comments I want to make on the interview. I will also in the second part of this post do a transcript of the interview in English by yours truly.
Keep following us and be happy, Montreal is finally having a wind of change for the better.