News, are what we want them to be. With this in mind, we will bring to you, what we believe are news of importance or have an impact for us and this city that is Montreal. We will touch to some extent International, National and provincial news. Without wanting it, business/political events from the outside affect our ways of living here.

We have created a few sub-sections in our Montreal Business news section. These categories are guidelines and not limited to what you see and can encompass in the future other sub-category topics.

See below the featured sub-sections


Business, the lung and heart of a city like Montreal. Let’s talk of all styles, types and sizes of business. Let’s hear and talk of the new best thing, after sliced bread. Everything that affects business in the province of Quebec and Montreal has a direct and indirect repercussion on our daily life’s.

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When real estate goes well, it seems, that Montreal knows no bounds as to what can be accomplished. The reverse is also true; when real estate is shaky it seems that all the problems magnify themselves. There is always some good news, even when we think not. This section is to speak of everything that affects real estate that it be residential, commercial, industrial and even the public works in the greater Montreal area.

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News subjects being, good, better, awesome, grand or bad are news. We have to remember to be objective with the news of this section. We do not need to know Miss Crooked nose of Montreal cat’s stuck in a tree and the fireman’s were called in to get Furry paws down. Let’`s get news that are news and have a meaning on our lives and we can have humor in the news of this section. A laugh is worth a thousand words!!!

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